Tolani Shoneye, Writer, Buzzfeed


Meet Tolani 

Tolani Shoneye is the former beauty writer for Buzzfeed and 1/4 of The Receipts Podcast. The Receipts is one of my favourite podcasts, made of four beautiful bold black women talking about love and life – unfiltered.

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Tolani talks to me about her journey into a successful editorial career and the extra mile she had to go to get what she wanted. The Receipts Podcast covers topics and people’s personal (and very private) situations that I could never publicly speak on so freely on; so in this sense, sometimes it feels that these four women (Tolani being one) speak my behalf. Essentially it gives me (and many others) a voice. 

During the interview, I ask Tolani how she handles the success of the podcast and the feelings that come with being so public about her private life. Tolani talks passionately about learning to be apologetically you and always striving to live your best life! #AttitudeGoals

I could have kept Tolani for hours but since these episodes are slightly shorter we had to keep it within the 30min mark, nevertheless, we still managed to cover several topics from body confidence, music and which celebrity would play us in a story of our lives!

Tolani Shoneye, words to live by: “I can’t come and die” “Live your best life” “Believe in being unapologetically yourself. Loudly. Shout it”

Written & hosted by Louisa Olafuyi @afroblush