Failing Successfully ⏸

I don't like putting a spotlight on my failures and setbacks and I'm clearly not alone in this.

There's no shortcut around the unpleasant process of failing, but how we choose to fail and learn from from it is what matters. On this episode, I speak to entrepreneurs who have failed at home and abroad and asked how they managed to turn their failure into favour and fortune.

 I’m joined by Agnes Cazin, a powerhouse in the fashion industry and creative director and producer at her self-owned Haiti73 Agency. Agnes brings a unique and positive perspective on life and how we define our successes. 


Stevie Newman -  CEO, C.A.K.E Cosmetics

C.A.K.E Cosmetics, an independent cosmetics brand sold exclusively in leading beauty and drug store Superdrug. It’s hard enough for large companies to get the attention and buy-in from the likes of Superdrug yet alone an independent brand. In this episode we catch up with Stevie to talk about how she managed to achieve a distribution deal with Superdrug and the challenges she faced along the way.





Lisimba Pink - Creator, Diversity All Star Podcast

Limisba Pink, ex-restaurateur, tech maestro and creator of the Diversity All Star podcast. Lisimba embarked on a brave business venture setting up a Caribbean restaurant in Ghana. Lisimba experienced several moments of success, but the restaurant struggled as the Ghanaian economy collapsed and managing a business from abroad became problematic. Lisimba opens up about the lessons he learnt and how he used such setbacks to ensure he’s ready and more resilient on his next endeavour.

A huge thanks to videographer/editor Charbel Bou Antoun and superb Sound Engineer Frédéric Anicet 🙏🏾

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