Happy (African) Mother's Day, SO&U 👡

Anyone brought up by African parents can relate! 😂

This is a painfully hilarious Mother’s Day campaign for and by SO&U, a creative Agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. The creative brief was to create a print ad that celebrates mothers and motherhood in an way that resonates with the African audience.

Traditionally, African mothers play a key disciplinarian role in the family. It’s a role that they sometimes played with firm hands and, where stern looks and raised voices fail to deliver results, it wasn’t uncommon for harder measures to be employed.

SO&U decided to whip up nostalgic emotions and trigger conversations around this role – especially as many grownups in African communities look back fondly on these corrective episodes with loving mothers. Each ad humorously profiles the common tools used during a mother and child squabble, and use them to remind ourselves about the love that came in form of discipline.

"Here’s to the mothers who made us – and the tough love that forged us" SO&U

Advertising Agency: SO&U, Lagos, Nigeria
Executive Creative Director: Anthony Ekun
Creative Director: Chris Ogunlowo
Art Director: Abraham Cole
Copywriter: Adebayo Arisilejoye