More South African Flavour, Nandos 🇿🇦

Tired of African cliches? So is Nandos. In this ad, which aired September 2nd (2018), Nandos cleverly lists the creative but overused imagery about South Africa that are too often recycled, highlighting that there's plenty of diversity in South Africa, and more to South Africa than the obvious.

Created by M&C Saatchi Abel, the ad agency and Nandos challenge the African artistic aesthetic that’s been borrowed, copied and stolen by marketers to try and sell things to young people. Never mind that the aesthetic is borrowed from real African creatives who are building to the culture, but the strategy is so transparent. It’s lazy, cynical and a little insulting to the audience, and it’s made what once was an edgy, interesting aesthetic feel tired and formulaic.

There’s so much more to South Africa than this one narrow vignette, and we wanted to remind advertisers of that with characteristic Nando’s fire and humour.

On Twitter, the campaign received 260 586 paid and 1 182 861 organic impressions in its first week. The view through rate on organic impressions came in at 14.86%. On Facebook, it received 643 507 paid and 445 010 organic views in its first week. (

So far, the reaction to the ad has been overwhelmingly positive from consumers and industry leaders alike and, while some have suggested this is an ad made more for the advertising industry than consumers, consumers have been very vocal online in picking up the many in-joke references and expressing relief that Nando’s called out the tropes they were sick of. Maybe, as an industry, we should start giving our audience more credit.

Credits: Brand, Nando’s; Chief marketing officer, Africa, Middle East, South Asia: Doug PlaceGM brand & strategy IMEA: Su-Lise TessendorfAdvertising & media manager southern Africa: Jake Johnstone. Agency, M&C Saatchi Abel: Founding partner & executive creative director: Gordon Ray Chief creative officer, M&C Saatchi Abel Group: Neo Mashigo Head of strategy: Makosha Maja Rasethaba

Creative group head & copywriter: Joshua de Kock, Art director: Wade Barnes, Head of account management/business unit director: Kim Stewart, Head of broadcast production: Bronwyn Henry

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