Our stories matter.

I’m Louisa Olafuyi, the creator of AFROBLUSH, a media platform for sharing fresh perspectives on contemporary Pan-African culture and lifestyle. I started AFROBLUSH in 2012 as an outlet for sharing my experiences as a Ugandan born Brit.

Tired of the single story

Growing up in England, I’ve seen people’s single-story assumptions about Africa and what it means to be African, and the leading characters of this story are often pity and poverty. However, my own experiences couldn’t be more different. I’ve always perceived my culture, country and heritage as abundant and beautiful.

It didn’t take me long to realise there is a gap between the lived and perceived experiences of people of African heritage, in Africa and abroad. I began AFROBLUSH to share my own stories, and that of others, to show just how vibrant and nuanced our cultures are.

It’s not perfect, it’s progress

As a Marketing Strategist, with experience consulting for African businesses, I know Africa still has its issues. Bad infrastructure? Yep. Political corruption? For sure. Poor public services? You get the point. But these metrics only tell a fraction of the story. In the face of these issues are ingenious people, innovations and values that can often give Western ideals a run for its money, and they deserve to be heard.

A seat at the table

AFROBLUSH aims to give African voices a seat at the table and an opportunity for us to lean in and talk about topics that affect, interest and inspire us.


Email: louisa@afroblush.com

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