Fresh perspectives on Pan-African culture and lifestyle.

AFROBLUSH is a digital media platform celebrating fresh perspectives on contemporary Pan-African culture & lifestyle.


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The AFROBLUSH Podcast is an audio series exploring African culture and lifestyle. Each episode is a personal and unique journey into the lives of African communities around the world and the impact of culture in shaping our ideals, identity and way of life.


Made in Africa.

The Meet the Makers Podcast is a collection of inspiring interviews and stories featuring Africa’s thought leaders, change makers and entrepreneurs. This is more than a podcast, it’s a movement of people, changing the way we think and act about making it in Africa.


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Our stories matter.

I’m Louisa Olafuyi, the creator of AFROBLUSH, a media platform for sharing fresh perspectives on contemporary Pan-African culture and lifestyle. I started AFROBLUSH in 2012 as an outlet for sharing my experiences as a Ugandan born Brit.

I realised there’s a huge gap between the lived and perceived experiences of people of African heritage, in Africa and abroad. I began AFROBLUSH to share my own stories, and those of others, to show just how vibrant and nuanced our cultures are.

AFROBLUSH aims to give African voices a seat at the table and an opportunity for us to lean in and talk about topics that affect, interest and inspire us. Read more