What can manketti oil do that coconut can’t?

Manketti Oil is rising in popularity, because it provides a set of benefits that coconut oil doesn’t. The oil has the capability to reduce inflammation, especially when it’s mixed with other complementary oils likes rose, neroli, and tea tree. It could be truly miraculous for someone who has eczema, regular break-outs and needs something that calms their skin.

Mongongo oil is also less comedogenic than coconut oil, meaning it’s less likely to clog your pores over time. The oil is also high in linoleic acid (49%) bringing its total polyunsaturated fatty acid level up to around 73%. Giving increased hydration to normal and dry skin while reducing inflammation and redness and promoting cellular repair. The oil is restructuring and regenerative.

Where can I get buy Manketti Oil?

Manketti oil comes from the Mongongo tree,  native to Sub-Sahara Africa (predominantly Northern Namibia, northern Botswana, south-western Zambia and western Zimbabwe). The fruit is harvested from the wild in a fair trade agreement overseen by PhytoTrade Africa.

The best place to buy Manketti Oil in London and overseas is from Hair Lounge in Notting Hill. Hair Lounge is owned by celebrity stylist Charlotte Mensah who has poured 26 years of expertise into her haircare collection. Tried, tested and loved by her clients, it uses a unique blend of organic, sustainably sourced Manketti Nut and Ximenia oils to condition and nourish, letting your hair’s natural beauty shine through.

I first met Charlotte at the Afro Hair and Beauty Show back in 2012 where she showed me how to do Ghana plaits and I’ve been a big fan since. Aside from her many accolades, she’s a lovely person and as far as hair goes, she’s a certified expert in care for Afro hair.

You can find out more here: http://charlottemensah.com/