Unscrambling Africa – A road trip with the right idea

For as many years as I’ve been blogging I’ve had a Mutua Matheka wallpaper on either my laptop or iPhone. Mutua is a Kenyan photographer, and his images of an unsuspecting Kenya really resonate with me somehow, and so I’ve been a fan since.

I believe more importantly his images remind me of Uganda, my home, and my people, who are innovative, surprising, creative and incredibly resilient. This is not the Africa that I see or hear if left to be educated by the British press and public.


Current laptop wallpaper – Nai City – Mutua Matheka

Changing the direction of conversions on Africa

When I went to Lagos, Nigeria for the first time, I was hugely impressed by how developed it was (by Ugandan standards), and even travelling within Nigeria to towns like Ibadan and Calabar, I realise how much of Africa there is to yet explore. Though I have plans to explore much of it, it’s unlikely I’ll see most of it, which is why it’s a privilege to follow people like Mutua and Lulu Kitololo who provide a window into Africa for people like me who can’t go as often as we like.

Much of Africa’s history hasn’t been documented by African’s and so much of historical documentation of Africa does not have the continents best interests at heart – but this is changing. With a smartphone and some signal, we can tell our own stories, and though we won’t change what’s been said about Africa, the power is in our hands to steer the conversation in a positive direction.

Unscrambling Africa – A road trip with purpose 

I recently heard about Unscrambling Africa from Lulu on Facebook and again by Mutua on Instagram. This is a road trip project with the purpose of exploring what defines urbanity across our continent. From Nairobi to Durban, the team will see and document what these cities look like, meet the people that reside in them, discover the sub-cultures and photograph the built environment. The journey, stories and photos will be shared with all who are interested, via various social media platforms.


I watched the video and learnt about their story and left feeling excited about the Africa they will bring back and show us. I can’t think of a better team for the task, and can’t stress how important it is that we support each other and encourage creativity.


I’m very proud of these guys and a little bit jealous I’m not going on this trip with them! If you’re reading this post and learning about this for the first time, show some support and make a pledge. We all have a role to play and even a little support goes a long way.

Watch the Unscrambling Video below and click here for more information of this kick ass campaign.