There’s no perfect, only progress

Social media enables us to look beyond our own situation and into the possibilities and interesting things other people are doing. The flip side to this is that we often see all the things we can do, right before we see all the things we can’t.

Behind the selfies, our big expectations birth even bigger frustrations. Particularly in the arena of social media and self-comparison. Because of this, I thought it’s important to say that whatever you’re going through, the only person you should be trying to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.

This kind of comparison is the biggest thief of our joy.

I know people who spend hours focusing on their craft. They look to Instagram for inspiration, and never acknowledge their own personal progress. Attention is constantly focused outward at others. This kind of comparison is the biggest thief of our joy. There’s no perfect, only progress, so whatever you’ve set for yourself in 2016 and onwards, keep pushing and just keep moving in that direction. Momentum is everything, and even if you’re moving slowly, you’re not moving backwards. Make sure not to let all the glamour going on inside and out of our smartphone take any power away from who we are in the moment.


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