The most beautiful place to stay in Uganda – Nyore Hillside Retreat.

I know I’m no Michael Palin, but I have moved around, and I still come back to this sweet spot that is Nyore Hillside Retreat. ‘Nyore’ in short, is Uganda’s most magical retreat and hideaway that hosts the breathtaking mountain views and outdoor activities.

Working and living in London means I spend most of my professional and personal time in a noisy and smoggy city environment, so when I travel, that’s exactly what I want to get away from; and Nyore is that place that I’m always desperate to run to.

One of Nyore’s unique quirks is how it balances an authentic Ugandan feel with an English sensibility.I can spend the day eating matoke, herding cows and weaving baskets with the locals, and organise afternoon tea with freshly made scones, English tea and jam. Nyore also has access to WiFi and I can rest assured that all the facilities are running and spotlessly clean.


I’ve revisited Nyore every time I’ve been to Uganda over the last five years, and it only gets better. I love the hidden swings among the trees, the fire place, luscious gardens and stunning sunset in the evening. My fiance claims he saw a shooting star one evening, which has yet to be verified, but it wouldn’t surprise me, as it just has that kind of aura.


I’ve had wonderful trips to famously renowned places like Queen Elizabeth National Park and Mihingo Lodge, and yet the food, the environment and the price at Nyore beats them all. Many hotels in Uganda still have this post-colonial feel in a desperate attempt to be ‘international’ and attract Europeans – and of course why not. However, I think it’s important for African owned businesses not to divorce themselves from the fact that African’s (not just tourists) can also play an important part to the growth of premium and high-end services. That’s why I like this place, it’s unpretentious and laid back.


I’ve bumped into all sorts, from some of Uganda’s inspiring entrepreneurs and creatives to, other Asian, European, American and Australians passing in the middle of life’s many adventures.

So whether you’re based in Uganda, travelling through or a floating Ugandan like me, it’s somewhere you must go if you can. I guess there’s a reason it’s #1 on Trip Advisor in the region. Nyore Hillside Retreat is located in one of Uganda’s South Western villages, Nyakaguruka, located in the Mbarara district, 16 miles Mbarara-Kabale Road, 2km off this main highway. The road to the retreat is signposted.

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  1. This place looks absolutely amazing!! Need to visit it one day

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing this and appreciating our beautiful country. Clearly I need to get around more. Stay blessed. 🙂

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