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Unscrambling Africa – A road trip with the right idea

For as many years as I’ve been blogging I’ve had a Mutua Matheka wallpaper on either my laptop or iPhone. Mutua is a Kenyan photographer, and his images of an… Read More

KABANGU – Watchmen by night, hip-hop heads by day

  Watchmen by night, hip-hop heads by day. This is the story of four gentlemen in the heart of Kariobangi (one of Nairobi’s informal settlements) who call themselves Kabangu.A group… Read More

Humanæ PANTONE® More equality than difference

Angélica Dass is the granddaughter of a black and native Brazilian and the daughter of a black father adopted by a white family is in pursuit of highlighting our subtle-continuous of… Read More

NYANYE – Recreating Kenya’s league of extravagant grannies

Nyanye is the story of Kenya’s LEAGUE OF EXTRAVAGANT GRANNIES who were once corporate and government leader in the 1970’s but are now retired. They now live the retired high life… Read More

Cultural Appropriation. Expressive or Offensive?

The topic of cultural appropriation, the good, the bad and the offensive, is one that’s frequently discussed among my inner-circles. Living in London, in the world’s most iconic cultural melting… Read More

Brooklyn exhibition ‘New African Photography’

Last night was the opening in Brooklyn of exhibition New African Photography curated by Red Hook Labs in collaboration for the first time with Nataal, a global media platform founded by Alassane Sy, Sara Hemming and Helen… Read More