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Unscrambling Africa – A road trip with the right idea


For as many years as I’ve been blogging I’ve had a Mutua Matheka wallpaper on either my laptop or iPhone. Mutua is a Kenyan photographer, and his images of an… Read More

Highlights from the African Street Style Festival

African Street Style Festival

“Check out my photos from this summer’s African Street Style Festival. A unique, open, street-based platform to highlight and celebrate the influence of African creativity in London” The African Street… Read More

#32 Soprano – En Feu

Franch Rapp Hip Hop Music Soprano En Feu Afroblush France Les Buttes Chaumont

My tune this week comes from French rapper Soprano. En Feu is energy filled club track that takes influence from Marsailles and American hip hop influences. I just arrived back… Read More

A short poem on culture by Tawanda Mudzonga

A short poem on culture by Tawanda Mudzonga

I’m part of the Pigeon Post readers as not only do I love reading African stories, I love reading them in real time with the author. Something about this short poem in… Read More

Stella Jean – Fashion beyond aesthetics


Stella Jean is a testament to how fashion, beyond aesthetics, can evolve into an instrument of counter-colonisation and become a vehicle for, and expression of, economic, social and ethical growth… Read More

Humanæ PANTONE® More equality than difference

humanae pantone more equality than difference

Angélica Dass is the granddaughter of a black and native Brazilian and the daughter of a black father adopted by a white family is in pursuit of highlighting our subtle-continuous of… Read More

Yinka Illori – Furniture design takes on new meaning

Yinka Illori Design Furniture

Yinka Ilori is truly one of my favourite London-based designers and people. He specialises in up-cycling vintage furniture, inspired by the traditional Nigerian parables and African fabrics that surrounded him… Read More

Put some RESPEK on it – The soulful rendition

The Hamiltones Put Some Respek On It Afroblush Blog Music Soul Anthony Hamilton

I’m a huge fan of the Breakfast Club (105.1) and the memes populating the internet following Birdman’s appearance in the studio, which was absolutely hilarious (you can watch it here). I’m… Read More

#19 Sansai – Diferente

sansai diferente EP Souncloud Sango Funk Music Afroblush

This week’s Tune of the Week is by trio Brazillian producers Sansai who floated onto my Soundcloud feed courtesy of a repost by Sango Beats. If you listen to Sango,… Read More

Beyonce’s depicts Igbo Landing in music video ‘Love Drought’


By way of Facebook I came across Beyonce’s ‘Love Drought’ video and its depiction of “Igbo Landing” an act of mass resistance by Africans against slavery. Beyonce’s video draws inspiration from… Read More