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#6 Third Culture Kids (Part 2 – A Global Perspective)

Hey, thanks for tuning into the second part of the two part series on Third Culture Kids (TCKs). A Third Culture Kid is someone who has lived (or living) in… Read More

The BFI Presents Unbound: Visions of the black feminine

AFROBLUSH readers get 241 film tickets for Unbound: Visions of the black feminine @The BFI  This month I’m partnering with the British Film Institute (BFI) for Unbound: Visions of the… Read More

#4 The Black Beauty Business

The Black beauty business is a big deal – culturally and economically, and for that reason I invited women at the epicentre of the industry for an explosive talk on… Read More

Meet the Black Millennials Launching The UK’s First Podcast Festival – @SOLiveFestival

I’m rather new to the podcast game as I’ll be recording the third episode of the AFROBLUSH Podcast this evening, however, I’ve been an avid podcast junkie for many years… Read More

#1 Transcending Race

Like many, I’ve been captivated by the recent programming on OJ Simpson, however, my interest in OJ was less about him being a murderer, and more about what he represented to… Read More

Be your own body goals

I recently discussed international beauty trends and the strong correlation between weight management and successful adulting in general. In many cultures (African included), your ability to manage your weight and physical appearance speaks… Read More

AFROPEAN Street Style – Oslo, Norway

As a self-proclaimed AFROPEAN (culturally African / European hybrid). I love sharing culture and style from other AFROPEANS in Europe, Africa and beyond. One of my favourite places for style… Read More

Unscrambling Africa – A road trip with the right idea

For as many years as I’ve been blogging I’ve had a Mutua Matheka wallpaper on either my laptop or iPhone. Mutua is a Kenyan photographer, and his images of an… Read More

African Street Style Festival

“Check out my photos from this summer’s African Street Style Festival. A unique, open, street-based platform to highlight and celebrate the influence of African creativity in London” The African Street… Read More

#32 Soprano – En Feu

My tune this week comes from French rapper Soprano. En Feu is energy filled club track that takes influence from Marsailles and American hip hop influences. I just arrived back… Read More