A short poem on culture by Tawanda Mudzonga

I’m part of the Pigeon Post readers as not only do I love reading African stories, I love reading them in real time with the author. Something about this short poem in particular really resonated with me. Written by Tawanda Mudzonga, this poem touches upon the all-consuming entity that is culture, and how it can be such a burden and a beautiful thing. If you’re not part of Pigeon Posts you’re missing out and I suggest you get involved 😉 Pigeon Posts: Letters from Africa

“There is something sinuous about culture.

Sometimes it wraps around you reassuringly, grounding you, letting you know who you are and your place in the world. Other times, it binds and constricts, arresting, correcting, and constricting every movement.

It is at those moments that I feel lost for breath, and it is all so heavy-handed and sure, that soon my intentions run askew and I find myself tangled up.

Harare: The Places that we come from, Tawanda Mudzonga”