Put some RESPEK on it – The soulful rendition

I’m a huge fan of the Breakfast Club (105.1) and the memes populating the internet following Birdman’s appearance in the studio, which was absolutely hilarious (you can watch it here). I’m so convinced he must have been on something *side-eye*

So the phrase ‘put some respek on it’ has been snatched by social media, and I would be lying if I said I don’t love an opportunity to drop it in a sentence. In my superficial super obsession with this running joke, I came across this soulful rendition of ‘put some respek on it’ that I had to share.

Anthony Hamilton stopped by the Breakfast Club with his backup singers, The Hamiltones, made up of J.Vito, Tooey and Tony Lelo. They decided to take on Birdman’s quotes from the Breakfast Club interview and turn it into a song called ‘Put Some Respek On It’. The Hamilton’s also discuss how they came together with Anthony and what’s next for them.