The AFROBLUSH Podcast is the home of candid conversations aimed at celebrating and debating Pan-African culture and lifestyle.

Hosted by Louisa Kiwana and Julian Obubo invites the diaspora and change makers to talk openly and honestly about the way we see the world, and the way the world sees Africa(ans). This is a space for the community to tell its own stories, and a powerful platform for planting ideas into the world.

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#7 What Do Men Talk About?

We discuss the construction and complexity around forms of masculinity, and more specifically, African masculinity. Popular culture will have you believe we (African men) don’t stray far beyond the topics of sports, sex and material things, and if we do, we keep it very superficial. We understand why this myth persists, and talk about how as African men and women, we consciously and unconsciously maintain and propagate it. 

#6 Third Culture Kids – Part 1 “A Global Perspective”

In Part 1, we looked at what it means to be a TCK from a Pan-African Perspective, so on this episode I’ve flipped the script to include perspectives from a range of TCKs from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, South America, Africa, Canada and Asia. We open up about the current political, social and racial climate has challenged, shaped and in some ways strengthened our ability to see the world with a unique lens.

#5 Third Culture Kids – Part 1 “A Pan-African Perspective” 

We discuss how it feels to be a Third Culture Kid from a Pan-African perspective and how being brought up in country far from that of our parents and origin has shaped us. We debate the art of balancing new cultures, ideals social norms, and how this can often conflict with our thoughts on what it means to be “African”. [Check out the full article and images]

#4 The Black Beauty Business 

The Black beauty industry is a big deal – culturally and economically. On this episode we talk about trends, share their beauty hacks and give an honest account of the challenges facing the Black beauty industry today. [Check out the full article and images]

#3 The Art of Seduction 

On this episode we discuss what it means to be seductive and how this plays out in design, marketing and dating. Today, film, music and social media create a galaxy of seductive stars and images, however, as social media creates an over-saturation of sexual imagery, how are the rules of seduction changing?  [Check out the full article and images]

#2 Failing Successfully

On this episode we debate over our definitions of failure and success, and what it means to fail successfully; with a view on how we’ve used our personal and professional failures to bounce back bigger and better.[Check out the full article and images]

#1 Transcending Race

Transcending race is a complicated topic that’s entangled in both systematic racism and the ability to overcome oppression. From the house negro, to OJ Simpson and arguably even Fela Kuti and Beyoncé, the ability to transcend race is the dream for some and a nightmare for others. In this first episode for my new podcast series I discuss the idea of transcending race, what it means for the Pan-African diaspora and whether this is a progressive or reductive aspiration.[Check out the full article and images]