#3 The Art of Seduction

In this episode we discuss what it means to be seductive and how this plays out in design, marketing and dating. 

Recording this episode was so much fun, but let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. So many people were interested in the hearing the discussion but few were brave enough to come on the show and talk about it. This only made me more interested to delve into this topic further and discover what’s so intriguing and intimidating about seduction. 

Film, music and social media create a galaxy of seductive stars and Instagram hasn’t helped as a catalyst to trends like bum implants and full cleavage selfie pics. Yet on the flip-side, we talk about others stars (Kendrick Lemar and influencers like SubrinaKidd) as people who are cited in this episode as subtle and yet equally successful in being seductive and effortlessly charming their followers and creating intrigue; possibly shaping a new paradigm shift in seduction all together.

Guests on this episode…

I’m joined with special guest Richard Mkoloma, consultant and fashion designer. Rich recently celebrated the launch of his collection for Adidas Originals and reveals how intrigue and seduction plays out in fashion, textile design and even dating.

Joining me as co-hosts on this episode is Tina Tama and Agnes Cazin. Tina is a PR expert and ex-adult chat operator; and Agnes Cazin is the Creative Director and Founder of Haiti73 Agency, renowned for packaging fashions industry’s icons for big brands, red carpet and the big screen.

As a consumer and marketing researcher, I was obviously keen to understand what turns consumers on/off. Furthermore, as a bride-to-be, I shared my ideas on how the rules of seduction still stand even after you have captured and/or been captured.

Rich Mkoloma, Agnes Cazin

Tina Tama

Rich Mkoloma, Agnes Cazin, Louisa Kiwana

Behind the scenes of episode 03: The Art of Seduction

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Big thanks to videographer/editor Charbel Bou Antoun and sound engineer Frédéric Anicet.

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