Podcast Episode 02 – Failing Successfully

“You can’t spend your life being fearful of failure. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” Winston Churchill

Thank you to everyone who has listened to my second podcast episode on ‘Failing Successfully’ so far, I’ve had such a great response in only two days!

This episode was a particularly difficult one to produce because of course, we don’t like talking about our failures and setbacks. But I ask, what kind of perspective can you really have on life and success without really experiencing what it means to fail?

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About Episode 2: Failing Successfully 

Stevie Newman –  CEO, C.A.K.E Cosmetics

Most stories on failure are told after someone has built themselves up, but few talk about what it feels like to be the moment of regrowth. In this episode I’m speaking with Stevie Newman, CEO of C.A.K.E Cosmetics, an independent cosmetics brand sold exclusively in leading beauty and drug store Superdrug. It’s hard enough for large companies to get the attention and buy-in from the likes of Superdrug yet alone an independent brand, so I caught up with Stevie to talk about how she managed to achieve this and the challenges she faced along the way.

Lisimba Pink – Creator, Diversity All Star Podcast 

My second guest is Limisba Pink, ex-restaurateur, techy and creator of the Diversity All Star podcast. Lisimba embarked on a brave business venture setting up a Caribbean restaurant in Ghana. Whilst, he experienced several moments of success, the restaurant struggled as the Ghanaian economy collapsed and managing a business abroad became problematic. Lisimba opens up about the lessons he learnt and how he used such setbacks to ensure he’s ready and resilient on his next endeavour.

Agnes Cazin – Creative Director/Prodcuter, Founder, Haiti73 Agency

My co-host for this episode is Agnes Cazin, a real powerhouse in the fashion industry and Creative Director and Producer at the self-owned Haiti73 Agency. Agnes brings a unique and positive perspective on life and how we define our successes. Highlighting the all-important point that no one can make us feel un/successful without our consent!

Louisa Kiwana – Creator of AFROBLUSH Blog & Podcast

As for myself, in addition to this blog and podcast series I work in marketing research and have a freelance background. Having ventured into several passion projects and professions which have flopped and also done fiercely well. I’ve learnt not to define myself by my losses and look at failure directly in the face.

As the daughter, granddaughter, niece, employee and friend of fearless business owners (many of which are women), I’ve had examples of success to gain wisdom and strength from. However, I appreciate that many people don’t have these examples or the ability to learn from other people’s mistakes. Therefore, I hope this episodes brings some inspiration, but more so highlights the importance of failure to sharpen your aptitude, improve your attitude and help carve out the right path of opportunity for your dream.

How to make the most out of failure…

After recording I had to let the podcast production dust settle and take time to listen back to this episode, reflect and consider the key learning.  In doing so, I put together 4 tips that have personally helped me get over setbacks and keep things in perspective. Let me know if they work for you, or if you have any other tips you would add!

1. Anything meaningful carries risk

Anyone who fails has first taken a risk. Anything worth doing is accompanied by the risk of failure. Successful people are not successful because they suffer fewer defeats than less successful people. They experience more failures – but they will not submit and keep picking themselves back up.

2. Identify the worst possible outcome

If you are afraid of the impact of failure, draw up a picture of the various bad things that can happen. You should also think through completely exaggerated scenarios. You will notice that this actually has a calming effect. You will realise that none of these things will actually kill you.

3. What positive could come of this?

There is little point in asking this question immediately after a failure. You are still dealing with disappointment, anger and sorrow (a little like my unsuccessful job interview I mention in the episode). But this question can be very useful after some time has passed. Try to find out what positive could come from your failure, it’ll make it all that less scary.

4. Avoid excuses and assigning blame

Don’t look for excuses and don’t look for blame with others. Passing blame will not help you. By doing so, you only end up handing control over to others, and you will be unable to recognise mistakes that you can learn from.

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  1. This is a really good episode, in life, I’ve come to realise that with every failure, there is a lesson to learn on how not to go about something and someone never fails until the person stops trying. Well done Louisa

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