Meet the Maker – Jay Mansaray, Journalist and Founder of A Clodhopper

To kick off my ‘Meet the Makers’ series, I speak to Jayson Mansaray, an Arts & Culture Journalist and Founder of A Clodhopper – a magazine and event night dedicated to arts, culture and lifestyle for the modern day epicurean and social media junky.

Listen to the full interview below:


What a lot of people don’t know is that Jayson was one of the first people to throw me in front of a TV camera for Arise News back in 2013. So we’ve come a long way! I’ve been following Jayson’s career since and I continue to be inspired by his progression and stylishness on screen.

Fast forward into the present day,

Jay has covered the Oscar Awards three times, reported for BBC London, ITV London, Sky News and for Russia TV Today where he spent over a month in Moscow looking at racism in Russia for Dotun Adebayo.

In this interview, I steal Jayson away at our studio in The Africa Centre to talk about his personal style as an extension of his heritage, taste and values; citing Samson Soboye, Orange Culture and Lawranceairline as one of his favourite designers. Jayson stepped into 2017 with a plan to ‘just do it’, saying that in most cases we have the power to change the things in life we aren’t happy about in life, if we can focus our energy on committing to self-improvement.

New ventures: A Clodhopper

A Clodhopper is a ‘street dancer’ and a modern day, pronoun non-specific, epicurean and social media junky. A Clodhopper is also the name of Jayson’s newest venture in the form of a magazine and event right that runs the gamut of, and not limited to: literature, LGBTQ+, music, film, trending, soundcloud, throwbacks, entertainment, Black culture and more. It looks like a fun and free night, and I’m slightly jealous I missed the old-school garage salon, but I’ll be definitely making an appearance this summer.

What’s on Jayson’s Soundcloud Feed:

Serpentwithfeet – four ethers

Big for your boots Stormzy Remix – Karnage

You can get in touch with Jay and keep in the loop with all his on-goings by following him on Twitter and Instagram.  

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