INTERVIEW: Rich Mkoloma, Fashion Designer & Consultant – Adidas Originals

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From playing characters on the big screen and being creators of the big screen, to literary giants and eccentric artists, the Pan-African diaspora boasts talented individuals in plenty whose skills have gone beyond borders and continue to influence global culture.

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Meeting Rich Mkoloma, Fashion Designer & Consultant – Adidas Originals

On this episode of Meet the Maker I speak to Rich Mkoloma, fashion designer and consultant to talk about life between Germany, South Africa and Ghana and his latest collection with Adidas Originals.

Rich gives an insight into how he uses brand heritage to inspire and create the future of athleisure wear, merging classic iconic silhouettes with the tracksuits and tees that we see on the streets today. In addition to talking about cultural intelligence and innovative processes, Rich opens up about some of his smaller collaborations including his latest with Urban Professor, and his life outside of fashion as a rapper and poet.

“Good people deserve good people” – Rich Mkoloma, words to live by.

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