London’s personalities throughs haircuts

This is a book that I don’t need, but I absolutely-obviously want.

Haircuts of Hackney, illustrated by Daniel Frost is a playful encyclopaedia of Hipster Hairdos. This quirky and colourful book folds out to show 35 paintings of the backs of Hackney heads. From the all-too-common Man Bun and Moptop to the less-sighted Well Street Waterfall and Queensbridge Quiff.

Says so much about London’s style and diversity

The point of the book is to showcase diversity in Hackney, highlighting how we are able to capture something of someone’s personality through simple shapes.

My favourite style is the High Top, which is also Frost’s favourite and his second painting that he said gave him the confidence to pursue the project. These illustrations are just the best. I love how they say so much about London’s style and diversity. If you’ve found your Hackney Haircut, tweet me with it @afroblush 




haircuts-hackney-2 haircuts-hackney-1