The science fiction Masaai warrior

After following my new favourite Insta account @nubianmancy dedicated to fantasy, science-fiction featuring characters of African descent. It’s undeniably obvious that I would be in love with- Sci-Fi Masaai Warriors by Rodrigo Galdino, a car designer from California. Rodrigo was inspired not only to design a Maasai vehicle but also develop a character that would operate his invention.

Re-imagining ‘the other’

I also recently used these images in a presentation for work to make a point about reimagining ‘the other’ – aka people of colour. I was making a point about addressing diversity in the workplace in an authentic way. It needs to start with an internal acceptance of diversity, which only then, can then we fed into outward business activity in a believable way.

Science Fiction Maasai Warrior

Rodrigo Galdino describes the thinking behind his design:

“What if after an human annihilation by a lethal virus brought by aliens, the only survivors were the beautiful and strong Maasai people?

What if they learned the alien technology left behind after their(aliens) evacuation, and merged into their culture, without loosing their identity and beliefs? How would it look like? All of it inside the Star Wars universe/ design language”