Interview with Agnes Cazin, Creative Director, Africa Utopia fashion show

AFRICAN SQUAD is the no BS catwalk showcasing contemporary designers from the African diaspora 

#AfricanSquad is this year’s African fashion contemporary catwalk taking place as part of the London Southbank’s festival ‘Africa Utopia’. The talent behind the catwalk show is Agnes Cazin, a brilliant creative, founder of Haiti73, and now friend. We met over coffee in Camden and bonded over our vision for African design, love for dark models and dislike for contouring; and the rest is history.

I once read that the road between cultural appropriation and homage has always been paved with potholes, nowhere more so than on the catwalk, which is why this year’s catwalk show is not about defining (or redefining) African fashion. It’s about letting it be and moving away from preconceived notions of African, which includes what you think it is, what you thought it wasn’t and what you never imagined it could be. This year’s show is set to be a 40 minute presentation of designers, artists and performers who plan to tear up the stage.

I dropped by Soboye in Shoreditch this summer to see Agnes, the team and check out the models being selected for this year’s show. I also met the ever dapper Ed who runs Cuts for Him, a fashion blog for the contemporary gentleman. It actually turns out we have a few mutual friends – small world! Anyways, check out my catch-up with Agnes and enjoy the pictures from the day below.