INTERVIEW: Bayo Adelaja, CEO of DINN AFRICA ‘Crowd funding for African businesses’

I caught up with superwoman Bayo Adelaja, CEO of Do it Now Now (DINN Africa). Like me, Bayo loves avocados and empowering people within the African diaspora to contribute to their community.

Watch my lovely interview with Bayo about why DINN Africa is important, and why I think she’s so amazing.

Do It Now Now AFRICA 

Fact. Africa needs entrepreneurship that works and entrepreneurs that will positively impact the development of Africa. Bayo is in a position to help make that happen, and she’s doing it now.

Crowd funding for African businesses

Do it Now Now is an Africa and diaspora focused, donations based fundraising platform, that provides research-based tactics to grow your community and raise funds. Do it Now Now is about supporting great businesses that have an impact on African and diaspora communities; not later, but now. Bayo and her team plug businesses and initiatives into its Start-ups for Africa community to provide opportunities to learn from experts and consultants who know how to take you from 0 to 100 in the smartest way possible.

Passionate about entrepreneurship

There are many ways to contribute to the development of local communities on the continent, and Bayo has chosen to support entrepreneurship. This is truly a community of people passionate about the development of African entrepreneurs, who have created a space through which entrepreneurs can connect to individuals and organisations that can help them.

Through the businesses it supports, jobs are being created, African suppliers are gaining clients and African people are gaining a better quality of life.

To kick off #InternationalWomansDay, you can join Bayo at her Masterclass Tomorrow, on How to build a winning founding team. This masterclass, hosted by Abadesi Osunsade, the woman who helped grow Groupon and Amazon, and who can help you build your founding team.

Keep up to date with DINN Africa and all its amazing work on Twitter: @DINNAFRICA. You can also follow Bayo on Instagram @srenbayo and on Twitter @DoItBayo (even though she admits she doesn’t tweet much!)