How to wear African Print for work

I love to bless my wardrobe and work wear with some African print. It’s a great way to add colour and culture to my outfits and there’s so many places to buy well designed and decently priced items that ship worldwide. I find most work wear can become monotonous with monotone colours and corporate fittings that often lack personality and imagination. So when possible, I mix up my more corporate outfits with a splash of African print and/or accessories.

HOW to wear African print for work 

Although the ‘how’ is subjective to your work environment, body shape and style preference, most of what it takes to wear African prints for work comes down to balance and composition. Here’s my two top tips:

  • 1. Most African print patterns (particularly Vlisco fabric) go very well with neutral and pastel colours. So if you want to pop but not exactly pop out at work, tone down the vibrancy of your item with white, black, pastel or denim shades and fabrics.
  • 2. Keeping make-up natural and clean, and hair smart and slick adds to a sense of order that can easily be disrupted by loud colours and patterns.

I recently bought a couple of beautiful handmade shirts from the eBay store House of Ankara. Every item was posted promptly and fit perfectly. You can check out some of my own styles, plus my style inspirations for slaying in African print.

My African Print Styles

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My African Print Style Inspirations

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  1. Great Read, You should check out they create some really casual looking African Fashion using African Wax Prints to fit right in to everyday wear…

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