Grilled fish galore. Goretti’s Bar & Grill, Entebbe, Uganda.

It’s the 21st of March and I’m full up to the brim with excitement. I’ve stepped into one of the world’s most beautiful countries, and the country in which I was born, Uganda. The pearl of Africa. Priority on arrival is always food, thankfully, my Uncle Muncha always has a new place to take me the minute my feet touch the East African soil.

Goretti’s Beachside Pizzeria and Grill is a tucked away beach like bar and restaurant on the way from Entebbe to Kampala. It’s ‘tropically cosy’ with a refreshing beachside breeze. Perfect amidst the midday sun.

I soon hear that Goretti’s is famous for her pizza’s. However, I heard this after I ordered some grilled fish and matoke, which will be washed down with a half pint of Tusker beer. The staff are super-friendly and attentive, whilst the food is just what I need and all that I want. I love how they seasoned the grilled matoke, a nice touch to what can be quite a plain tasting food. The tilapia fish is grilled to perfection. So If you’re travelling through to Kampala or just happen to be in the Entebbe area, I really recommend this place.

Address: DR A Lubego Road | Anderita Beach, Entebbe, Uganda
Location: Africa > Uganda > Central Region > Entebbe
Phone Number: 256-772-308-887

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