Finding Your Scent

Tell me I smell nice and i’ll gladly to take it to heart and as a reflection of my great taste. Yet, given the vast array of choice, from celebrity fragrances to lesser-known olfactory concoctions, it’s not always easy finding the iconic fragrance for you.

Know your fragrance family

The four standard families are floral, oriental, woody and fresh (encompassing citrus and green). Each fragrance family has a unique personality and instantly you’ll like some more than others. Take a trip to your local department store and ask a sales rep to bring out typical fragrances belonging to each family. You’ll instantly get a sense of what’s for you.

I’m inclined to go for orientals fragrances that are seductive and luxurious, or woody tones that are often assertive and resilient. LUX Magical Spell is a fragrance I’ve been complemented on time and time again, and I love that LUX soaps are also infused with fine fragrances too. Another favourite of mine from LUX is Iconic Iris, though this comes in the form of a perfumed bar; it includes Moroccan Iris and Patchouli Oil scent, it’s divine.

As nothing tops off your signature style like a beautiful-smelling perfume, I’ve put together three ways you can be sure to smell sweet at all times.

1. Lock in the scent

Spray your perfume right after a shower because the moisture helps lock in the scent on your skin. Don’t fall into the trap of spraying it directly in your hair or hair extensions as it will dry it out. Instead, spray your favourite scent on a brush before running it through your hair.

2. Wait and smell

Fragrances smell differently on everyone, so something that you love to smell on others might not work on you. When testing new fragrances, it’s important to wait until it has dried on your skin in order to know how it really smells on you. The first smell you’ll get is a whiff of is the top note, which will disappear rather quickly, so give a perfume about 30 minutes to settle.

3. Have a scented alternative

Apply an unscented body cream before your fragrance to give your scent lasting power or simply opt for a body wash with a fine fragrance, like LUX Iconic Iris, it’s breakthrough technology of Fragrance Release Pearls releases bursts of fragrance with every touch of your skin for up to 12 hours.

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