Elegushi Beach, Lagos, Nigeria.

My first trip to Nigeria

One of the most memorable experiences I had during my first visit to Nigeria was Elegushi Beach, located off Lekki expressway.

It’s one of the busier beaches, offering a mix of music, food and beautiful scenery of the sea. The beach huts turn to clubs at sundown and it’s a bustling stretch of family fun and teens on first dates. I overheard that the best time to visit is a Sunday evening, not sure why though.


I never imagined Lagos as romantic

As a Ugandan living in London, all I hear about Lagos is the chaos, corruption and Afrobeats. So when I told my friends and family I was off to Nigeria, by myself to see my new boyfriend, they panicked, to say the least.

However, to the surprise of many I had a magical time. Lagos is full of life and charm. Flamboyant? Yes. Chaotic? At times. But not in a way that’s so different from Kampala, New York or London.

A stained perception of Africa, by Africans

When I thought about what I was made to expect, and what I actually experienced in Nigeria, I realised that we (Africans) know so little about what’s ‘really’ going on in our neighbouring countries. We’re still relying on vague generalities to paint global perceptions.

A good news story

By no means do I have the right to say Nigeria, or Lagos is a utopia based on my love filled five day trip. However, this is a positive post about a lovely experience I had in Lagos, specifically at Elegushi Beach, and just my way of balancing out the bad perceptions of Africa, wth some good.

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