Dune & Dessert Exploration, Dubai

Where did my playtime go? It’s almost as if as soon as I walked into my 20s I signed up to taking up the role of an adult, without really knowing the Terms & Conditions.

As a working professional and millennial I hardly ever get any play time. I often get to indulge in adult affairs which are entertaining, such as going out for drinks, dinner and theatre. But not enough time to just be silly. Irresponsibly silly. That was until until I decided to go to Dubai and drive big noisy cars in the sand.

Dune bugging, if you haven’t tried is not a culturally rich experience, so there’s no profound life learning here. Except to say, it was scary, messy and so much fun.

Occasionally we all need to laugh so hard we use the last of the air in our lungs and come back home with our pants full of sand.


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Louisa Kiwana

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