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Be your own body goals

I recently discussed international beauty trends and the strong correlation between weight management and successful adulting in general. In many cultures (African included), your ability to manage your weight and physical appearance speaks… Read More

We need to talk. Period.

“I can’t keep calm because my ovaries are exploding inside me” Whether it’s in the form of advertisements telling me to keep me periods discreet and fragrant, or my recollection of… Read More

There’s no perfect, only progress

Social media enables us to look beyond our own situation and into the possibilities and interesting things other people are doing. The flip side to this is that we often… Read More

Crying with strangers 

‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’. As a consumer researcher I’ve spent the last few weeks stepping into the homes, cars and… Read More

To take, or not to take creatine? WHEN is the question.

I’ve added creatine powder to my smoothies on training days when I know I’ll be in beast mode. Hundreds of articles professed not only the benefits of creatine but more important,… Read More