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Adventures from my summer in Grasse

Over the summer I visited Grasse, a town on the French Riviera, in the hills north of Cannes. It’s known for its long-established perfume industry, and this heritage is celebrated at… Read More

Hotel Bachaumont, the trendy Parisian boutique.

“She dreams in perfect French” If you want to explore Paris, there’s no better base than the four star Hotel Bachaumont. Located in Sentier, a trendy Parisian neighbourhood, this former… Read More

Maison Blanche & panoramic views of Paris

“Paris is always a good idea” I just touched down in Paris for the first of my Lux Fragrance Experience. I’ve checked into the beautiful boutique Hotel Bachaumont with a… Read More

A couple of nights in Norway

Following on from my trip to Frankfurt and Amsterdam, the next lovely city on my list was Oslo, Norway. The country that introduced the world sushi to the Japanese apparently!… Read More