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AFROPEAN Street Style – Oslo, Norway

As a self-proclaimed AFROPEAN (culturally African / European hybrid). I love sharing culture and style from other AFROPEANS in Europe, Africa and beyond. One of my favourite places for style… Read More

Bringing Toronto street style back to London

West Coast Chic The way I would describe Toronto fashion and stye is ‘West Coast Chic’ – it has a casual foundation gives homage to sporting and casual wear, yet… Read More

African Street Style Festival

“Check out my photos from this summer’s African Street Style Festival. A unique, open, street-based platform to highlight and celebrate the influence of African creativity in London” The African Street… Read More

Ethiopian tribes repurposing Western goods for fashion

The world of international consumerism has slowly made its way to the Daasanach region, home to traditional Ethiopian tribes. Mass produced products, particularly those made in China have made their way… Read More