Category: Commentary

Being an Afropean

“We don’t want to be all the same, but we do want to understand each other”. Interestingly, the time I feel less ‘African’ is when I go back to Uganda.… Read More

Interview with Agnes Cazin, Creative Director, Africa Utopia fashion show

AFRICAN SQUAD is the no BS catwalk showcasing contemporary designers from the African diaspora  #AfricanSquad is this year’s African fashion contemporary catwalk taking place as part of the London Southbank’s festival… Read More

Cultural Appropriation. Expressive or Offensive?

The topic of cultural appropriation, the good, the bad and the offensive, is one that’s frequently discussed among my inner-circles. Living in London, in the world’s most iconic cultural melting… Read More

Finding meaning behind Maria Borges ‘Sweet Combat’

Military apparel is in every store. It’s in Urban Outfitters, and so it’s ubiquitous. Moreover, many icons like Beyoncé have made it popular, and mainstream military fashion is, if I admit, kinda… Read More