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#7 What do men talk about?

Before you go on to listen to this epsiode, I want you to ask yourself this question “What do men talk about?” If you’re a man, this should be pretty… Read More

#6 Third Culture Kids (Part 2 – A Global Perspective)

Hey, thanks for tuning into the second part of the two part series on Third Culture Kids (TCKs). A Third Culture Kid is someone who has lived (or living) in… Read More

#5 Third Culture Kids (Part 1 – A Pan-African Perspective)

A Third Culture Kid is a generic term used to describe a generation of people raised in a culture different from their parents or what’s on their passport. The term… Read More

#4 The Black Beauty Business

The Black beauty business is a big deal – culturally and economically, and for that reason I invited women at the epicentre of the industry for an explosive talk on… Read More

#3 The Art of Seduction

In this episode we discuss what it means to be seductive and how this plays out in design, marketing and dating.  Recording this episode was so much fun, but let… Read More

#2 Failing Successfully

Thank you to everyone who has listened to ‘Failing Successfully’, I’ve had such a great response in only a few days. This episode was particularly difficult to produce because of… Read More

#1 Transcending Race

Like many, I’ve been captivated by the recent programming on OJ Simpson, however, my interest in OJ was less about him being a murderer, and more about what he represented to… Read More