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Invisible Foundation: Beauty Trends for Women of Colour

I almost feel bad for the amount of attention I’ve been giving Milk Makeup lately, but it’s so well deserved. It’s like they went out to design a make-up range… Read More

A True Nude: Beauty Trends for Women of Colour

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s melanin That GIF is an accurate depiction of me jumping for joy because beauty brands are finally diversifying their “nude” offerings. Think about… Read More

NYX Cosmetics Tinted Moisturiser – A beautiful surprise

During my visit to the L’Oreal headquarters, I was introduced to a makeup brand that I have never seen or at least paid any attention to before called NYX Cosmetics.… Read More

Got Milk? The creative studio that’s brought beauty back to basics

The internet loves beauty tips and tricks, and increasingly, the best beauty content is coming straight from the source. While fashion brands like ASOS and Net-a-Porter have been leading the… Read More