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Humanæ PANTONE® More equality than difference

Angélica Dass is the granddaughter of a black and native Brazilian and the daughter of a black father adopted by a white family is in pursuit of highlighting our subtle-continuous of… Read More

Yinka Illori – Furniture design takes on new meaning

Yinka Ilori is truly one of my favourite London-based designers and people. He specialises in up-cycling vintage furniture, inspired by the traditional Nigerian parables and African fabrics that surrounded him… Read More

Lagos Underground Map

The Lagos Underground Map was created by Jeremy Weate. He designed the TfL styled map to reveal what a great city Lagos could be if it were just easier to… Read More

The science fiction Masaai warrior

After following my new favourite Insta account @nubianmancy dedicated to fantasy, science-fiction featuring characters of African descent. It’s undeniably obvious that I would be in love with- Sci-Fi Masaai Warriors by Rodrigo… Read More