Camper collaborates with Ethiopian artisans

For SS16 Camper have collaborated with Ethiopian artisans to re-create the Camaleon, Camper’s first ever shoe that draws reference from the local Mallorcan farmers who wore this design over a century ago.

The partnership creates fair employment in Ethiopia while minimising the impact on the environment. It also aligns with Camper’s brand values of partnership and creativity. The design and production combine Camper’s vast experience of craftsmanship with local artisans’ unique skills and techniques, as well as methods borrowed from the western part of the continent.


The result is a unisex boot made from local Bati goat leather. Tie Dye techniques, which have been used for centuries in different regions of Africa, have been applied to the leather using natural dyes giving the handcrafted and sustainable product a psychedelic twist. Working from the same concept, a unisex sandal is also part of the collection offered in kaleidoscopic blues, greens, and oranges. The very special capsule collection for Spring/Summer 2016 carries three different options for both men and women and will be available at select CamperLab stores and at CamperLab online.

Camper-x-EFI-Camaleon-2-1024x564 Untitled-1

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