INTERVIEW: Nii Ayikwei Parkes, Performance Poet, Writer & Publisher

I caught with Ghanaian performance poet, writer and publisher Nii Ayikwei Parkes, Nii was a 2007 recipient of Ghana’s national ACRAG award for poetry and literary advocacy. His début novel… Read More

#7 What do men talk about?

Before you go on to listen to this epsiode, I want you to ask yourself this question “What do men talk about?” If you’re a man, this should be pretty… Read More

INTERVIEW: Tolani Shoneye, Writer and 1/4 of The Receipts Podcast

Meet the Makers – Conversations with Africa’s Creatives In this episode of Meet the Makers, I speak to Tolani Shoneye, beauty writer for Buzzfeed and 1/4 of The Receipts Podcast. The Receipts is… Read More

#6 Third Culture Kids (Part 2 – A Global Perspective)

Hey, thanks for tuning into the second part of the two part series on Third Culture Kids (TCKs). A Third Culture Kid is someone who has lived (or living) in… Read More

INTERVIEW: Nancy Adimora, Creator of AFREADA

I recently bought the book “The Good Immigrant” a collection of short stories on being a person of colour in the UK, the funny situations and less funny micro-aggressions that… Read More

Interview with Idriss Kargbo, the young Black actor in West End musical, Wicked

 I had the pleasure of speaking to Idriss Kargbo, who stars in the West End hit musical Wicked. We quickly caught up about his role in Wicked, theatre etiquette and… Read More

#5 Third Culture Kids (Part 1 – A Pan-African Perspective)

A Third Culture Kid is a generic term used to describe a generation of people raised in a culture different from their parents or what’s on their passport. The term… Read More

The BFI Presents Unbound: Visions of the black feminine

AFROBLUSH readers get 241 film tickets for Unbound: Visions of the black feminine @The BFI  This month I’m partnering with the British Film Institute (BFI) for Unbound: Visions of the… Read More

#4 The Black Beauty Business

The Black beauty business is a big deal – culturally and economically, and for that reason I invited women at the epicentre of the industry for an explosive talk on… Read More

INTERVIEW: Rich Mkoloma, Fashion Designer & Consultant – Adidas Originals

Meet the Makers – Conversations with Africa’s Creatives From playing characters on the big screen and being creators of the big screen, to literary giants and eccentric artists, the Pan-African diaspora boasts… Read More