NEW AFROBLUSH Podcast- Episode 01 – Transcending Race

 “It comes down to who is defining this race term of ‘transcending race?’…and if it’s about approachablity about being ‘Black but not too Black it ends up being a limited… Read More

My 4 Favourite Podcasts

My name is Louisa and I’m a podcast junkie. I’ve been all about podcasts since forever and so glad to see so many of my favourites growing in reach and popularity.… Read More

#35 Mary J. Blige – U+ ME (Love Lesson)

U + ME (Love Lesson) is my tune of the week and off Mary J. Blige’s THIRTEENTH studio album ‘Strength of a Woman’. I fell in love with this song on the… Read More

The BEST Green Tea Ice-Cream life has to offer

Last Tuesday I went with my bestie to Kimchee in Kings X, i’ts the new Korean eaterie located at Pancras Square. This new, contemporary Korean restaurant is just a stone’s throw… Read More

INTERVIEW: Bayo Adelaja, CEO of DINN AFRICA ‘Crowd funding for African businesses’

I caught up with superwoman Bayo Adelaja, CEO of Do it Now Now (DINN Africa). Like me, Bayo loves avocados and empowering people within the African diaspora to contribute to… Read More

Be your own body goals

I recently discussed international beauty trends and the strong correlation between weight management and successful adulting in general. In many cultures (African included), your ability to manage your weight and physical appearance speaks… Read More

Win 2 tickets to special Fences screening at Paramount HQ – OPEN

As you know, it’s Film February, and there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to film and the increasing representation of black talent on screen. To celebrate, I’m… Read More

AFROPEAN Street Style – Oslo, Norway

As a self-proclaimed AFROPEAN (culturally African / European hybrid). I love sharing culture and style from other AFROPEANS in Europe, Africa and beyond. One of my favourite places for style… Read More

Anti-Pollution Protection: Beauty Trends for Women of Colour

Did you know air pollution is bad for health and bad for skin too? I’m joking. We all know that, but the truth is, outside of our cleansing routine there’s… Read More

Invisible Foundation: Beauty Trends for Women of Colour

I almost feel bad for the amount of attention I’ve been giving Milk Makeup lately, but it’s so well deserved. It’s like they went out to design a make-up range… Read More