Anti-Pollution Protection: Beauty Trends for Women of Colour

Did you know air pollution is bad for health and bad for skin too? I’m joking. We all know that, but the truth is, outside of our cleansing routine there’s little we can do about it, especially if like me, you work in the city.

Pollution is definitely going to be another problem we’ll have to combat this year, so be prepared to armour up. A new range of sunscreen products are getting ready to land in 2017 with a focus on UV protection AND anti-pollution protection. However, many women of colour (including myself) have been slow to see the necessity of sunscreen, yet alone consider pollution as a skincare priority.

The reality is that pollution can be a big contributing factor to uneven skin tone, accelerated ageing and even skin cancer. Living and working in the city also makes you significantly more prone to dark spots and wrinkling, so we can’t afford to ignore it any longer.


This year, I would be doing ourselves a disservice if I failed to acknowledge the advanced double combo formulas aimed at shielding us from both sun and city elements. Products to look for here include Ren’s Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist and Decléor’s Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution Hydrating Active Lotion. Moreover, expect UV and anti-pollution products to also go beyond beauty, such as purifiers to anti-pollution clothing, so watch this space.

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