Africa Utopia 2016

African Squad is the catwalk show that puts fashion on back-burner and gives style its rightful place on the stage, right along with culture, diversity, passion and of course fun. The show was brilliant, the models were inspiriting and the overall energy was electric. A huge congratulations to Agnes and the team for bringing truth to contemporary African fashion in London.

Over the last few months, in the run up to Africa Utopia I’ve been covering the ‘behind the scenes’. It’s been wonderful partnering with Haiti73 Agency and I finally have some footage to show you. Here’s me backstage with ORS to talk about their new Monoi Oil Range, and renowned hairstylist Regina Mason about her inspiration for this year’s show.

You’ll also find some snaps I took on my iPhone at the catwalk itself, plus an A1 strut by one of the models participating in ‘the people’s catwalk’ – she had too much sauce, trust me! 

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