I’m Louisa Kiwana, welcome to AFROBLUSH, my blog dedicated to celebrating and debating Pan-African Culture and lifestyle. I started this blog in 2011 as a creative outlet and a way to tell my own story, plus share my experiences as an Afropean – Ugandan living in the UK.

As part of this blog, I also run the AFROBLUSH Podcast, a fortnightly podcast series aimed at illuminating voices and perspectives pertaining to the Pan-African diaspora. You can listen here: Soundcloud / Youtube.

By profession I work in marketing and research and support brands to better understand their customers through qualitative research and strategic consultancy. My hobbies and interests revolve around media, broadcast and design. I enjoy watching film, theatre and love good wine and conversation.

I’m also honoured to be ambassador for LUX (which you can read all about here); and contribute to Impact Magazine, Arise News, Dazed and Confused, BBC, Guardian, and a ‘go-to’ person for some of the world’s most influential brands including Unilever, Diesel, MTV, Diageo Rebtel and London’s Southbank Centre.

If you would like to get in touch or feature yourself or your brand on an upcoming podcast episode, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave me a comment below, drop me a tweet  or email louisa@afroblush.com.

Awards & Recognition

LUX Brand Ambassador

SPELL Magazine Best Blog

Women 4 Africa Blogger of the year Finalist

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards Nominated Best Lifestyle Blog

Cambridge University – African Society Visionary for global trends and popular culture


  1. Francesca

    Loving the new look! So fresh and so clean clean (lol). Looking forward to all the great things to come X X

  2. Pleased to meet you Louisa. What a vibrant blog. I write poetry at mine. You are most welcome to visit when you get the chance. 🙂

  3. As a black man, I have always loved and been appreciative of black women who keep it natural.

    For me, it’s a Power signature of inner strength and a depth of passion to captivate ones African heritage.

    How can you not love such a real, beautiful display of inner Strength, Depth and Passion!

    I now go in search for a new soul mate with a loving, affectionate… big smile on my face… lol.

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  9. I just wanted to register myself as a commited fan of this Blog. What I know about fashion and the like can be written on the famous postage stamp. What you are doing. Celebrating african women in europe and the zest of living in a multi-culltural country shown off so well during the Olympics. That’s something I’m proud of and care about.

  10. Hiya 🙂

    Your blog looks fantastic 🙂
    Would be great to keep in touch.
    Please feel free to drop me an email.


    • Hey Nara! Thanks so much, and definitely, I think I found you on twitter so will be following you! 🙂 @NarminaRahimli?

  11. Anonymous

    I should be sleeping but minds too busy searching glad I stumbled here i likey much needed uk perspective

    • Thank you!! I’m really glad you like my perspective. As for not sleeping, late nights are always the best for blog browsing, but you pay the price in the morning lol

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  13. Hey Chic! yes yes do post something on your hair journey!!!! Or if you would like to write it up and gimme some pictures I would love to feature it :-D. I am trying to get through that “middle stage” between short and mid length (you know how it is, headscarfs and headbands!). Thanks for voting, I am under best lifestyle blogger, thanks yoooooouuu ;-). We said we should meet up in Camden some time, tweet me when your down there, we should arrange something.

    Thanks for your commento’s xxx

    • Hi my dear, it was a bit weird when I clicked on the nominate me link, I filled in the form anyway and nominated your blog but then it wanted me to stick the nominate me button on my blog. Anyways, I hope I got it right and best of luck.

      • Thank you so much 😀 I don’t know why it asked you put the badge on your site, but yeah just ignore it. Probably a poor marketing ploy!

        Thanks again! Oh and remember you said you were going to send me pictures on your natural hair journey. I am still interested. I will email you tomorrow!

  14. I’m so glad I discovered your blog…love the representation of color and the representation of ALL shades of our beauty!

  15. Stumbled on this blog, and i am really impressed.
    keep the african flag flying.
    God bless

    • Thanks! I love and need your blog to, since I’ve been following you I don’t spend time trawling for new videos on YouTube, you guys are the “issht”.

      TC X

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    • Thank you ;-D yup, you are officially on my blogroll. very interested in your book “keep your panties up and your skirt down”.

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