A LUXurious lesson in fragrance & feminism

“Perfume is the true definition of luxury, I don’t need it and I can’t see it. Yet, I’m never fully dressed without it. It influences my most primal instincts and elevates my sense of self”

In January I became a LUX Brand Ambassador, an exciting new venture with a brand I hold a lot of love and reverence for. LUX is the silent assassin of personal care brands that’s taking incredible steps to redefine its product range and packaging; but more importantly, redefining what it means to be and feel like a woman in this world.

The collaboration between AFROBLUSH and LUX is a reminder to women and lovers of women to band together and support each other. To be confident in our own sexuality, beauty, ability, belief and body and show trust and kindness towards other women of all races, bodies, backgrounds and beliefs.

About LUX

Established in 1925, LUX is the world’s second bestselling soap brand, with a mission to make fine fragrance soap available to all women; and they really mean what they say.

Afroblush Lux Soap Brand Lux Fragrance Experience Ambassador Black Bloggers Natural Hair Afro France Lux Vintage Soap Bar AFROLUX is the market leader in India, Pakistan, Brazil and South Africa and is the only brand I’ve seen to really care and communicate authentically in Nigeria.

LUX has a unique and unusual positioning for a personal care brand as it sells perfume-infused soaps and body washes, whose fragrances have been created by the world most prestigious perfumers. Today LUX is made in over 71 countries and is known as ‘Caress’ in the US.

Smell is a sense that reaches a lot deeper than sight

A fragrance is a difficult benefit to visualise, and leveraging the power of fragrance in relation to beauty is a huge challenge for such a wide audience. So in order to see how LUX were walking their talk, I followed the LUX team to France; specifically Paris and Grasse on a LUX Fragrance Experience to see how their ambitions for women’s freedom, femininity and future come together in a fine fragrance brand.

Seeing is believing: The LUX Fragrance Experience

As part of the LUX Fragrance Experience I visited the incredible Givaudan, which is the world’s largest flavour and fragrance company and home to the world’s most famous fragrances including: Dior J’Adore, Prada Infusion, Armani Code, Paco Rabanne 1 Million, Yves Saint Laurent Opium, Calvin Klein Obsession and Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male.

I also travelled down to the beautiful region of Grasse, which is the historic home of fine fragrances, visited the International Museum of Perfume in Fragonard, and got up to speed with the latest fragrance trends, and the ambitions LUX has for the future.

Love LUX?

Whether you already love LUX or you’re interested in getting to know more about the brand and its fine fragrance collection, leave me a comment below or tweet me at @afroblush. You can follow my LUX Fragrance Experience by following the hashtag at #AfroblushLux and the wider Lux Fragrance Experience at #LuxFragranceExperience.

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  2. Dave Boyd

    Hi Louisa,

    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you at Givaudan, and I have just loved reading your words. You really get it!! The Grasse part of the trip sounds fantastic also. My very best wishes for everything you do!


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