A couple of nights in Norway

Following on from my trip to Frankfurt and Amsterdam, the next lovely city on my list was Oslo, Norway. The country that introduced the world sushi to the Japanese apparently!

PS:Hotel – Oslo’s most innovative learning venue and hotel

During my short time spent in Norway, I stayed at the PS:hotel and social project, in the expanding Vulkan area of central Oslo. Interestingly, nearly 90% of its staff were once pushed out of the labour market for one reason or another (illness, incarceration, lack of education etc), and found another chance for an opportunity at this workspace studio styled hotel.

The:hotel also operates as a teaching centre for people trying to get back into the work. Partly funded by the state the hotel has already received innumerable prestigious awards for its socially responsible philosophy.



mathallen-i-oslo-mathallenMathallen Food Hall

Adjacent to the PS:hotel was Mathallen food hall. Claimed as ‘the place to go for everyone who appreciates high-quality food and unique drinks’.

Inspired by other food halls in Europe such as the Mercat Santa Caterina in Barcelona, London’s own Borough Market, and the ToRVEhallerne in Copenhagen. It was exciting to see the variety of fresh fish and cured meats, just a pity that due to usual hand luggage restrictions I could take much of it back home with me.

Oslo Street Style 

I like the industrial nonchalance style I’ve seen in urban Scandinavian, all with their own unique nuances, but an overall collective of effortlessly cool.

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