My 4 Favourite Podcasts

My name is Louisa and I’m a podcast junkie. I’ve been all about podcasts since forever and so glad to see so many of my favourites growing in reach and popularity. This is a list of my top four favourites and why.

I urge you to get involved, because if you’re not already you’re missing out big time!


Though not the podcast I’ve been listening to the longest, it’s the one I look most forward to each week, and I don’t think I’ve missed an episode.

Hosted by four London ladies who have since become my virtual girlfriends, I rate this podcast so highly for its honestly and fun. It’s literally like having your best friends in your ear at any time.

I don’t have a favourite host from The Receipts Podcast, and I doesn’t think it needs one either as each woman comes with their own character and strength. Behind all the jokes and embarrassing stories, are four intelligent and inspiring women you should all get to know, uncovering issues that as a community we should be talking about more often.

Most memorable moments: 

  • Pheobe talking about how she doesn’t smile much and that doesn’t mean she’s stush or ‘too nice’. I totally relate!
  • Ghana’s Finest – The respect and love by which she talks about her man/fiance. Very admirable! 
  • Milena Sanchez – Her road man voice and very non-judgemental and open heart. Milena is the one I would most likely say ‘Hi’ to first in a crowded place lol
  • Tolly T – Her confidence and self-love mantra, plus the way she says ‘Ohh-kay’

Best episode: The latest Episode (Ep.12) ‘Hair woes and disciplining your kids’ has to be a favourite for me. I’ve been doing a lot of work in my day job on beauty and what it means to a beautiful’ Black women so this was particularly informative and relatable, moreover, Tolly is now one of the funniest people I want to meet!

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Omg I LOVE The Friend Zone. Durh and hence this blog post, but I have so much respect for how each episode is structured and thought through, from the freestyle raps at the beginning all the way to Fran’s ‘wellness section’ (well, well, well welllll- if you listen you’ll know what I mean).

The Friend Zone is a wholesome podcast that talks about the new, the old, the borrowed, and isn’t afraid to talk about the blue – and things in life that suck too. Ever funny and always humble, I adore these three hosts Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey & Assante for creating a space where where pop culture and zen living meet.

Best episode: My favourite episode is ‘The White Radio’. On this one we went down memory lane recalling all the best tracks from the 90’s and early 2000’s which had me humming Eagle Eye Cherry ‘Save Tonight’ for a whole day! I think this was the episode with the Igloo in Harlem!

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3. NPR TED Radio Hour

NPR TED Radio Hour is one of my older classics and still favourites, presented by Guy Raz, a great broadcaster and interviewer.

This podcasts is a mash-up of TED Talks created under a central theme, that then delves into the lives and experiences of each talker in more detail.

NPR TED Radio Hour introduced me to Gangster Gardening, Understanding Why We Lie and How To Make A Case For optimism. This podcast is truly mind shifting, self questioning and compassionate driven with amazing lessons to learn for living everyday life.

Best episode: It’s hard to choose a favourite episode, but the one I’ve listened to the most is ‘The Act of Listening‘ broadcast on the 2nd September 16’. which is all about listening (obvs), whether it’s to loved ones, strangers and far away places or as an act of generosity and discovery.

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4. LOVE LINE  with Amber Rose & Dr. Donaghue

No. 4 was a tough choice between LOVELINE and Angela Yee’s Lip Service. Love Line won and this is why:

I have this threshold where I can’t listen to anything over sexual beyond a certain point because (across many podcasts) it stops becoming insightful or interesting and just boring and borderline distasteful, for me anyways.

‘LOVE LINE’ is where I comfortably draw the line, because it’s exciting but also anchored on accumulating knowledge and understanding, and content that has a purpose beyond just shock factor.

This podcast explores topics ranging from sexual curiosity and relationships to self-empowerment – all embodying a distinct and refreshing honesty and flair. Whilst Amber Rose is clearly the star of the show, it’s her sex therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue who is the star for me in every episode.

I imagine that being a sex therapist is a hard job in which one might need to self brand themselves to be ‘academic but not to preachy’ whilst ‘sexual but not too pervy’ – and Dr. Donaghue is this perfect balance between professional and personable.

I’m a curious person by nature but unlikely to share my thoughts on these kind of topics outside my close circles, so it’s great to have somewhere to go to and learn from other’s experiences; some I might agree with, some I might not, but either way, it’s all learning!

Best episode: Again, another episode where the latest was the greatest. The last release ‘Is dating dead?’ feat. guest speaker Heather McDonald from The Juicy Scoop podcast on dating in the age of tinder and all the highs and lows that come with that!

I hope you like my top for list, I’m often talking about and sharing new podcasts I’m listening to on Twitter. Do share your favourites with me in the comment box below, or better still, tweet me!