#32 Soprano – En Feu

My tune this week comes from French rapper Soprano. En Feu is energy filled club track that takes influence from Marsailles and American hip hop influences.

I just arrived back in London after an incredible 5 days in Paris and Grasse, and so I’ve naturally chosen a song I feel sums up summer and my time in France. My tune of the week is ‘En Feu’ by French rap artist Soprano. ‘En Feu’ means ‘In Fire’ and this is without a doubt a fire track that ignites the dance floor.

En Feu is on Fire. Literally.

I heard ‘En Feu’ on a spontaneous night out in Paris. I visited the Italian bar and restaurant Le Pavillon Puebla tucked away in the beautiful Parisian Park Les Buttes Chaumont. Le Pavillon Puebla is often described as ‘the place where the Parisians go’. The DJ was incredible, sampling a mix of old and new, which is when I heard ‘En Feu’. After seeing what it did to the dancefloor, I knew I had to do my homework and select it for this week’s Tune of the Week.

Le Pavillon Puebla Paris Soprano En Feu Afroblush France Les Buttes Chaumont

Who is Soprano?

Soprano (formally known as Saïd M’Roubaba) was born in Marseilles, France, where he decided to shoot ‘En Feu’. His influences are predominantly American R&B and hip-hop artists such as Michael Jackson and Kris Kross.

Prior to his Soprano persona, M’Roubaba and three of his friends became important players in the years when European hip-hop’s foundation was being laid. He earned a reputation for a lyrical intuition and insight uncommon in the genre. The quartet named themselves Psy 4 de la Rime (Four Psychiatrists of Rhyme). M’Roubaba later chose the MC name Soprano, enamoured with American TV’s Tony Soprano, especially for the character’s psychiatric explorations. The group built up instantaneous recognition, with two records to its credit, Enfants de la Lune and Block Party, both of which went gold in a matter of weeks upon release.

I love ‘En Feu’, it’s full of fun, energy and great memories. This is my summer anthem for sure. It’s expected that Soprano will release his fifth album ‘Everest’ this autumn, so make you look out for it. I’ve included the video below, you’ll love it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead guys.

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