#30 Honne – Gone Are The Days

My Tune of the Week is ‘Gone Are The Days’ by British duo Honne. Taking their name from the Japanese concept of “true feelings” Honne, have done a fantastic job on their danceable and musically intimate new album ‘Warm on a Cold Night’.

111The pair of producers — James and Andy — met at university and began collaborating mere days after school started. Influenced by Al Green and Bill Withers, their warm electronic sound revealed hints of Quincy Jones’ early work with Michael Jackson, spread over sensual nocturnal sonics. They released their debut EP, Warm on a Cold Night, in September 2014, followed that same year by All in the Value.

After starting their own label, Tatemae Recordings, in 2015, they released two more EPs: Coastal Love and Over Lover. Honne built an online following and toured in Europe, selling out shows in their home country.

Gone Are The Days 

In January 2016, Gone Are the Days (Shimokita Import) was released, featuring “No Place Like Home” with British soul singer JONES on vocals. A collaborative single with Izzy Bizu, “Someone That Loves You,” followed months later as the pair prepared for a summer festival tour and their debut full-length album, which shared its name, Warm on a Cold Night, with their debut EP. ~ Neil Z. Yeung. Though I like a few versions of Gone Are The Days, my favourite is the SOHN Remix, included in the playlist below.