#28 CVIRO & GXNXVS – Problem

My track of the week comes from Australia-based singer-producer duo CVIRO and GXNXVS (GXNXVS pronounced ‘Genius’ is a producer and CVIRO, pronounced ‘Cairo’). The two have come together again to make yet another soulful, nostalgic and 90’s influenced track ‘Problem’; reminiscent of the gone but not yet forgotten era of Joe, Blackstreet and Boyz II Men.

I first heard of CVIRO back in 2015, after they teamed up to create ‘Sober’ and ‘Benjamins’. Sober was my favourite, a smooth blend of rhythm, bass, and rhyme, perfect for the summer and those evenings I’ve just needed to unwind.

CVIRO’s hazy R&B sound is soothing and familiar, and the message to Sober is as universal as problem. Described perfectly by EarMilk, Love isn’t supposed to be sobering but it can be so. Whilst most R&B songs convey an Eros love – the type of love that’s passionate, intoxicating and all consuming. Sober touched on a more agape centered expression of love, that challenges, breaks and remakes us. Provides an opportunity for self-assessment and a detachment of our ego. So many mainstream love songs emphasise those moments when we realise someone isn’t right for us, but few challenge us to sober up and address how we might need to adapt to be better for that person instead.

It’s a lovely, sensual and easy listening sound that I think you’ll enjoy.