Meet the Black Millennials Launching The UK’s First Podcast Festival – @SOLiveFestival

I’m rather new to the podcast game as I’ll be recording the third episode of the AFROBLUSH Podcast this evening, however, I’ve been an avid podcast junkie for many years now.

Creating and listening to podcasts has been a life changing experience, and I truly believe the conversational power of podcasting is the future of broadcasting as we know it. Furthermore, it’s been an amazing way to share and understand the experiences of people of colour. Many whose voices wouldn’t be broadcast if we were to leave it to traditional mainstream mediums.

ShoutOut Live – The Festival 

This summer something amazing is happening for all who create and love podcasts. The ShoutOut Network will launch ShoutOut Live: The Festival, a podcast festival which celebrates the power of diversity and how new media has allowed people of colour in the UK to reclaim their voices.  The Festival is a celebration of how far the podcast industry in the UK has come, as well as it being a showcase of talented individuals who represent the overarching experience of all people of colour.

A full day of banter, commentary, jokes and recklessness.

This is the first festival of its kind in the UK and the ShoutOut Network will be making this an international celebration by including The Friend Zone and Another Round as well as UK based podcasts. It will be the ultimate display of the Black experience through podcasts.

Founded by Efe Jerome and Imriel Morgan, The ShoutOut Network is an example of what is possible when purpose meets passion. Having listened to podcasts for years Efe saw a huge gap in the market in the UK. He recognised that podcasting could do for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds what the mainstream media has been neglecting to do for years. The pair met on Tinder and upon starting their romantic relationship they both realised that the ShoutOut Network’s vision was possible and necessary. What a cute love story right?

A great day to get support, inspiration and tips on podcast production

I happened to speak to Efe over the phone a little over a month ago, I called to find out more about the festival and get some tips on publishing and promoting my podcast. His feedback and advice was so useful, and whilst it was just a quick 10 minute chat, I left feeling more confident and concrete about the direction I wanted to take my podcast, and that’s what The ShoutOut Live festival will be like x10! Embarking on any new venture can be daunting no matter how passionate you are about the topic, so just being around like-minded individuals is the best way to get advice, get inspired and give you the gusto to get going.

I’ll be attending the festival alongside a list of other amazing podcasters and I look forward to hopefully meeting a few of you there as well.

The ShoutOut Network is the UK’s first podcast collective dedicated to providing a platform that caters to people from diverse backgrounds. The collective seeks to solve the issue of poor media representation by creating a diverse suite of UK based Podcasts. The number of people of colour entering podcasting in the UK has grown from 5 in 2015 to over 70 in 2016. The ShoutOut Network proudly acknowledges that it has been a catalyst for change in the podcasting media scene, causing a surge in people of colour taking to the mic. Imriel and Efe have joined forces with an incredible team of podcasters who will bring the ShoutOut message to life at the ShoutOut Live Festival and carve out their path to creating a tech media empire through podcasting.

You can get your tickets to ShoutOut Live here, and if your new to the podcasting world, have a look at some of my favourite podcasts as a starter for 10.

Tweet me if you get your ticket and I’ll look forward to meeting you on the day!

For more information on the event follow SOLiveFestival on Twitter @SOLiveFestival.